Flexible Tasks

Specify date ranges or rough repeating schedules for flexible tasks, and spend less energy picking and tweaking exact dates.


Set your preferred workload balance over the days of the week, and let our autoplanner take care of picking plan dates for your flexible tasks to align with your preferences.

Natural Language

Type or speak in natural language to specify your task's plans, add steps, set effort, and more!

Task Effort

Independently set time and effort on tasks so you can pick ones that fit your energy level. Let the autoplanner balance your time, and even configure it to avoid high effort tasks on certain days.

AI Breakdowns

Break down a task into smaller steps with a single click using AI.

Todoist Import

Bring all your tasks from Todoist in just a few taps, and easily add flexibility to their plans where appropriate.


Get tips from our built-in digital coach, Aster, to help you break down large items, deal with overdue tasks, and more.


Add reminders to your tasks and receive push notifications when you use our iOS or Android apps.


Create reusable templates for tasks that come up more than once. Set them to recur automatically on a fixed or flexible schedule, or create new tasks from them on demand.


Break down a task into smaller steps, and see just the next step to help make the task feel less overwhelming.


Add a list to any task or template. Make a shopping list with categories like "produce", give it a tag like "buy" and add items later just by saying "buy produce apples"!


Keep any additional info you want to keep track of in notes on your tasks and templates.