1.63.164 - Gooey Goldenrod


Feature Updates

  • Updated steps editor in the task/template details page

    The steps editor in the Steps tab for a task or template is now consistent with the steps editor used in various coaching flows.

    • We removed the “Add Step” button. Instead, there is always an empty placeholder step at the end of the list, ready to be filled in.
    • With a step focused, pressing “Enter” will add a new step immediatly below it.
    • The aria attributes for the drag handles have been improved to improve accessibility of reordering steps.
  • Added natural language support for “starting on the <nth>“

    When specifying the starting date for a recurring task plan, you can now use a phrase like “recurs ev week starting the 15th” to make the next task instance’s plan begin on the earliest 15th of a month that occurs in the future. (Note: other constructions such as “starting on Wed” and “starting 6/15” were already possible).

Bug Fixes

  • 🐞 Prevent repetition of tips that were previously dismissed
  • 🐞 Ensure that the Reminders section on the Today page is updated upon app resume
  • 🐞 Fixed issue with new steps being added in the middle of the steps list instead of the end